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You have found the lightest and most comfortable reading glasses available anywhere! 

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We have refined our design over the last 11 years to make our glasses the absolute World’s Best!

Kerko Eyewear is American owned and operated, and our company proudly enlists our nation's Veterans to support our operations. In addition, 10% of our proceeds are donated in support of Veterans organizations.

Check out our Computer Reading Glasses! End computer glare and tired burning eyes when using a computer screen, tablet or smartphone!

Also check out our new *Special Order* glasses for those who need a different Diopter for each lens. Create your own perfect glasses!

If you participated in a Kerko Eyewear sponsored event (trade show, sports event, charity event), or received a promotion code by email, simply enter the code when ordering to receive your special offer. These discount codes are in addition to existing sale pricing.

Our Checkout uses Paypal that accepts ALL major credit cards.....Simple, Fast and Easy!

Please contact us for commercial distributor opportunities. Set up your own Kerko Eyewear display at trade shows, home shows, craft shows, etc.  Great for Retirees, Vets, or anyone looking to sell our fantastic product in their local area.

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