What makes the Most Comfortable Glasses on Earth?

  • Comfort—The  ultra light weight and narrow lens combine for so much comfort that it’s like you're not even wearing glasses! All Kerko Eyewear glasses weigh less than half an ounce. You may forget you have them on!

  • Flexibility—The temples are flexible and will spring back into shape if they are accidentally bent, such as inside your shirt pocket or purse.

  • Resistance to Scratches—The  top quality hard acrylic lens resists scratching.  Carrying these glasses in your pocket or purse is not going to scratch them.

  • Perfect Profile—The  height and shape of the lens is just right to see over. You can work, read, use the computer, and see the TV all at the same time.

  • Rubber Grips—The  temples have a slender rubber sleeve to prevent the glasses from sliding off if you move your head or look down. They never move!

  • Smooth Edges—All edges are rounded and smooth..they won't poke holes in your pocket or purse!

  • Computer Readers—Same features as above plus a special Amber lens to reduce computer screen glare and relax the eyes. In addition, our exclusive Blue Zaio lens coating filters the harmful high energy wavelengths that produce eye fatigue, and sharpens the image to bring out the full, crisp, high definition colors of modern  computers, tablets and smartphones.