Kind words about our products...

"I have been a customer of yours since your early days at the mall 10 yrs ago. I am so excited you're doing well, though it doesn't surprise me...your glasses are still as good as ever! So light! Send me another 4 pair please!" - Jill E, Orlando FL

"My neighbor said his daughter needed reading glasses now as she is in her 40s and having a hard time reading her computer screen..I said tell her to try Kerko Eyewear with the Computer Glasses. She did and called me personally to thank me for the recommendation! She says they are incredible!" - Theo D, Seattle WA

"Just wanted to send a note to say your glasses are incredible! I was talking with a friend the other day about reading glasses and he said he breaks one of his own cheap 'cheaters' about every two weeks. I told him the Kerko glasses I was wearing were still going strong for 4 years now...he couldn't believe it! I sent him your way. Thanks Again!" - Bryan M, Salt Lake City, UT

"I'm glad we talked about the Special Order glasses...the pair you made for me is perfect!" 

- Jeff D, Portland OR

"I Love your reading glasses! After years of buying cheap readers, I settled on Kerko about a year or so ago - I doubt I'll buy from anyone else! I'm on my 4th pair now, they are so light and so well made. And thanks for the "separate-strength-for-each-lens" that you offer - I really think that makes a difference. Thanks for making such great glasses at such a reasonable price!"

 - Bill S, Redding CT

"Best reading glasses I’ve worn in my life…I wear them everywhere. Even my wife says she had to have a pair after trying them on. I got rid of my heavy old glasses and now only wear yours. I’ve got ‘em everywhere, even in my truck.”
- John M, St. Louis MO

"You  asked me to try your computer glasses...they are great! I can see much  better than any reading glasses I have. I would recommend them not only for computer but at any time for reading...thank you for your great  service." 

- Willie C, Rowland NC

"These are the clearest glasses I have ever worn. I can see everything. Thank you Kerko Eyewear!   Nothing in the stores are even close." 

– Brian J, Minneapolis MN

"Thank you so much! You have a customer for Life!" 

- Tim H, Raleigh NC

“These are hands down the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn. In fact I've fallen asleep with them on, and woken up in the morning...and they're still on!" 

– John R, Los Angeles CA

“I use your product almost everyday now while working on my SW coding products. They definitely help lowering eye fatigue. My one regret with the review I made was that I did not emphasize the significantly lower price of Kerko glasses….You have a wonderful product!” 

- YouTube Channel “JonoExplainsThings”

(Review of Kerko Eyewear Computer Glasses)

“As a Grandmother it is such a joy to read to my grandbabies with your glasses. The words are clear and bold and most importantly your glasses stay on if I move around or get nudged. I just love them!" 

- Kathy J,  Savannah GA

"I love love love your Computer Glasses. I use them in the office but find myself using them everywhere because the view is so crisp and clear.  And I can sit all day at my computer and not get a headache anymore.  These glasses are really something." 

– Henry T, Dallas TX

“I can't believe how much better I can see! Perfect! Thank you for making  these glasses for me." 

– Janice M, Atlanta GA ('Special Order' glasses customer)

"I just received an order of your excellent glasses and wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed using your product over many years.  I bought my first pair years ago at a fishing show in my  home town or Richmond, VA.  Since that time I have ordered numerous  additional pair and continue to enjoy them.  I have several pair in my home (a pair for most rooms in the house), a couple pair at work and several more at my vacation home.  They are truly the most comfortable  glasses I have ever found, they are durable and are priced fairly so they deliver great value for the money.  Thanks again for providing a  great product and best wishes for continued success." 

- Bryce J, Richmond  VA

“Such a Joy to find such a quality Daytona Beach made product! I bought four pairs!” 

– Angie D, Daytona Beach FL

“Your product is miles ahead of anything someone can buy at the drug store,  and I’ve been a fan for years - they are light, easy to carry, and don’t  damage easily. I typically place pairs wherever I need reading glasses -  cars, briefcases, office, beside my recliner, bedside table, etc… so I really can’t have too many." 

– John D, Chattanooga TN

"I have never had reading glasses so comfortable. So glad we discovered you." 

- Christine M, Greentown PA

"Best reading glasses I have ever had, and the Computer Readers are fantastic." 

- Mike L, Kernersville NC

"My headaches have disappeared thanks to your Computer Readers." 

- Dave E, Ormond Beach FL

“I have bought many pairs of your glasses because I love them and can see better with them than my prescription glasses.” 

- Albert P, Des Moines IA