Frequently Asked Questions.....

Do I need a Doctor to prescribe my reading glasses strength?

If  you prefer, you may see an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, however most people initially buy reading glasses by noticing their near focus becoming fuzzy, and then grabbing a few off the shelf at the grocery store or drug store to try them out. Whichever strength adjusts YOUR  view the best, AT THE DISTANCE you normally use for reading, will be the  right choice for you. While this is fine for most people, a few have specific conditions that require a medical professional. 

Do I need just one set of reading glasses? 

Many of our customers own several glasses with different Diopters (strengths), depending on what they are viewing, and at what distance.

Below is a simple guide to determine if you should own multiple strengths: 

Typical Smartphone/Cellphone reading distance:   10-12 inches 

Typical Book/Newspaper/iPad reading distance:   15-17 inches  

Typical Computer Screen reading distance:   20-22 inches 

Most  people buy the strength needed for typical Book reading (15-17 inches).  

Very often that strength won't work for closer or farther reading distances. 

If  you use a Smartphone, try a glasses strength 0.50 HIGHER than for Book  reading. If you use a Computer, try a glasses strength 0.50 LOWER. 

Also, it's important to understand that your eyes change over time. A good rule of thumb to follow is:

Every 4 years = ~+0.25 strength INCREASE.  

Its important to re-assess your vision every few years to see if there are changes.

Example: Let's say 4 years ago a 1.25 pair of reading glasses were fine. Today though, objects appear a little less clear or you're leaning back a little farther from your computer or newspaper to see quite possibly need a 1.50 pair now vs 1.25 from 4 years ago.

Kerko Eyewear glasses are tough, but are they unbreakable?

Although our glasses are flexible and designed to spring back to their original shape during normal use, they WILL break if you step on them or run over them with your car. 

Below  is a sample comparison of durability between Kerko Eyewear glasses of  different ages. In this example the Computer Readers are shown. These glasses were worn daily in a computerized office environment. You can see there is virtually no change in condition over 5 years of use!


Will Kerko Eyewear glasses scratch?
The Acrylic lenses provide consistent, uniform magnification as well as excellent scratch resistance, however, they will scratch if abused. 

Why are Acrylic lenses better than Glass or Polycarbonate?
Simple…Acrylic affords the best overall performance of any material used for reading glasses. 
Acrylic Lenses are... 

> 20x stronger than glass at half the weight 

> More scratch resistant than Polycarbonate 

> Better Clarity and Light Transference than both Polycarbonate and Glass 

> Superior UV filtering over both Polycarbonate and Glass 

> Reasonable expense between high priced Polycarbonate and low cost Glass 

> Easy to clean with a dry microfiber cloth (such as our Kerko Eyewear Microfiber Eye Glass Sleeve), no water required.

How are Kerko Eyewear Glasses different than the reading glasses at the dollar stores? 

How is anything of Quality better than the cheapest you can get? Better design, Better materials, Better durability, Better performance!  Discount store glasses do not provide the combination of comfort, light weight, flexibility and lens quality provided by Kerko Eyewear. Kerko Eyewear has been in business for 11 years with 100s of thousands of glasses sold to happy customers.